Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Making your own flowers

Hi,  I've had fun lately making my own flowers.  The following layouts both have the handmade flowers on them.  They are really easy to make and I know I'll be making more as I was really pleased with the results.

Here are the steps I used to create the flowers -

To create the flowers I used 3 punches, 2 circles and one small 5 petal flower punch.  From white cardstock I punched one each of the circles and from a light pink cardstock I punched 5 of the 5 petal flowers.

Next I inked the centre of the smaller circle with the ink coming out slightly towards to end of the circle.  I then cut some V shapes into both the circles to form 6 petals.  These don’t have to be perfectly even.

Spritz the circles with water and crunch them up to get some creases on them.  I found it worked better if I crunched them up twice, so I just carefully opened them up and crunched them up again and this softens the cardstock and the creases seem to hold better.  Do this for both the circles.

For the smaller flowers give them a light spritz and crunch them up as well.  Make sure you have one which is crunched really tight, this will be the centre of the flower.  I found if I pressed the centre of each petal with my finger nail to give it a fold and then crunched it up, it held the shape better. 

Leave the petals to dry. 

Once dry gently open up the two larger petals and curl over the corners.  This gives the flower a more realistic look.


For the smaller petals, gently open the four other petals.  Leave the tightly crunched centre petal as is.

Put a dot of glue in the middle of the four opened petals.  Pick up the centre petal and put into the glue in the middle of one of the petals, continue until you have all the small petals stacked together.  Then add glue to the middle of the two larger petals.   Pick up the centre stack of petals and place them on the glue on the smaller of the remaining petals and then put that onto the glue on the larger petal.   (I hope that makes sense!!)

The end result should look like this -

I hope you try making these flowers as they are really easy and fun to do.

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